A bad, pre-Christmas dream….

Otherwise known as A Nightmare Before Christmas. Except it was still November, and it was a birthday cake.

Now it’s confession time again, I’ve never seen the film….. In fact I’m one of those people that have never seen Star Wars. Yes, we exist!

Having said this, I do know the film. I mean these days you can know everything, you just google it. That and I’ve a friend who’s a bit of a Tim Burton nut.

It’s not your obvious choice for a birthday cake though, a skeleton and a ghost dog. I did say ‘really?’ When discussing the order. But yes, the birthday girl was another big fan of the film.

His construction took some thought, especially as skeletons have very thin necks. And Zero (the dog) has a excessively long nose.
Turned out to be good fun 🙂 And I was pleased with the finished cake. As were the clients.

And later that day I got a lovely message saying the birthday girl was thrilled and delighted. And that’s what makes us cakers do what we do.

The cake was 14in square. Chocolate with chocolate ganache.


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