A wedding footnote?

Yesterday I did another wedding fair. It was a lovely day in a beautiful location, and I met some lovely people again. There were four of us cake makers. And their cakes were stunning! Proving the artistry and skill that goes into creating a cake.
However I’ve been noticing a trend during my cake making journey. No matter what the occasion, the cake seems to be almost an afterthought in this country. So many couples passed by us cake makers, or muttered things like ‘oh mum could make that.’

We were all given a copy of a local wedding magazine. A beautiful publication with lots in. Except cakes. There was a single page about wedding cakes. And only a very few adds by cake suppliers. I also noticed that most of the real weddings features lacked any photos of the cake, although everything else was included. It’s incredibly frustrating, and not helping our industry! It only adds to the misbelief that the cake is just a footnote to the occasion.
Why is this? What have us cake makers done to deserve such sidelining?

With the popularity of The Great British Bake Off, and the proliferation of cake shows, you’d think we would be getting more recognition.

I’ve talked before about the frustration of customers not wanting to pay for ‘just a cake.’ But it’s no wonder they dismiss our skills when even the wedding/events industry seems to see the cake as an afterthought. I think a leaf should be taken from Americas book.

Our culture has always celebrated special occasions with food. And what better than a cake? Cakes are always happy things. No one can be sad when given a cake. Feed your guests with something special.


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