Do me a flavour….

Okay that was a bad play on words! But you get the idea of this posts topic. Flavours.
You want a cake. The cake maker asks what flavour you’d like. Then give you maybe four options. Sound familiar?

When I get asked ‘what flavours do you do?’ I say ‘what flavour would you like?’ Because there are so many options out there!!!
Yes vanilla, chocolate and
lemon are always winners. But what about salted caramel? Rose and violet cream? Chocolate and ginger? Coffee and Baileys? Fudge and walnut? Cherry and chocolate? I could go on and on and on…..

I have bookshelves groaning with recipes. Every flavour you could think of! Even cakes based on your favourite cocktail.

So don’t be afraid. Mix it up and go a little wild!

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