Fighting a losing battle?

I never thought I’d ever be in competition with supermarkets as a bespoke cake maker. But apparently I am.
I’m starting to lose count of the times it’s put to me that I’m much more expensive than supermarket cakes.
I think the time has come to speak out about this.

Yes, if you contact a cake maker, who will make a cake to your exact spec, make it by hand, and deliver it, then you’re going to pay more that £10 from the nearest supermarket.
Of course there are always times when dashing into the supermarket and grabbing a cake off the shelf is a life saver. And there are times when money is too tight to do much else.

The trouble is though this gives unrealistic expectations. Not all cakes are created equal, and you really do get what you pay for.
And trust me when I say that I’m cheap. As are most small home cake makers. If we were calculating all our time as well as the ingredients then you’d not believe what we’d have to charge! I basically work for less that half minimum wage, if that.
Now I’m not greedy, and I accept that we are living in the shadow of a massive rescission. So I cover my costs and a little on top. But even only doing this I can’t knock out a fully decorated cake for a fiver.
And honestly would you be happy if I did? If my prices are that low surely I can’t be very good right? Especially when you consider that some cake makers charge hundreds for a cake! Yes really!

Like I say, I’m not greedy. I’d never charge over the odds, but I do have a business to run. It’s a dilemma.
This cake was made fresh with only 24 hours notice, personalised and designed for them, and delivered. For just £25.


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