Having a smashing time..

Yesterday I posted some pics over on my FB page of some Christmas piñata biscuits.

I had fun making them and thought I’d share with you how I did it.

First select your biscuit recipe. I used a Christmas spice one, but use your favourite.
Now the trick is to use a mould to bake them in. I used a Christmas tree muffin pan, and half sphere silicon moulds. Push the rolled out dough into the cavities to fill them, leaving a void in the middle. Then bake.

Once cooked and turned out fill one half with sweets of your choice.


Then using royal icing, or melted chocolate, attach the other half and leave to set.


Next melt candy melts, or again chocolate, and dip each biscuit.
That’s it! All you do now is decorate.


Enjoy smashing and eating!

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