Helping make memories

If you are with me over on face book then you will have seen this cake, it’s now my header photo.
The order came in, and I had no idea it was for a wedding! Although I don’t charge any more if I do know it’s a wedding cake. Why would you? It’s the time, size and work involved that determines the price, not the type of event.
Anyway I thought it was for a special occasion, anniversary maybe. Until I delivered it.
‘Oh the wedding cake.’ Came the reply when I said I was delivering a cake.

I’m pleased to say it matched the colour scheme perfectly and looked lovely on it’s display table.
The next day I received a lovely message from the bride thanking me. Along with this beautiful pic of them cutting the cake.

It’s always a delight to know you’ve been a part in making any special day work.
Thank you to the happy couple for allowing their photo to be shared 🙂



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