One in a Minion….

Okay that was the worst play on words yet! But hey ho 🙂
I’m rather pleased with this little chap. He was a raffle prize for a fundraiser to help a very sick little boy.

Now this is where I have a confession to make. I’ve never watched Despicable Me….. I know I know!! But I do know what a minion is, and I could do with a few! Although I’m not sure they wouldn’t get irritating very quickly.

Anyway back to the cake. It’s red velvet. Which I love. I was introduced to it by a lovely Canadian lady (hi Lili!) in Crumbs by Bryant Park NYC, sadly no longer there. When I got home I tried in vain to get them here. That was back in 2010, now they are popular here too. And rightly so.

Although usually filled with cream cheese frosting, this one was vanilla buttercream. I hope it helped raise lots of money 🙂



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