These shoes were not made for walking

I’m always looking at new ideas, new ways to work with sugar. I’ve heard a lot about pastillage, but hadn’t used it. To be honest it scared me. I saw too many examples of it cracking, or shattering, it seemed too unpredictable. However I also heard that it’s the best medium to use when strength is needed, as it sets harder than gumpaste. And structural strength is needed when making sugar shoes.
And so I followed the recipe and made my pastillage. First go with it I wasn’t at all sure, it was a weird texture and felt strange. I carried on anyway and got more used to it. The trick seems to be to knead it way more than you think you need.

I used pastillage for the heels and soles only. The rest is fine with gumpaste. Not fondant though, it just won’t set hard enough. Although I used fondant to line the heels and make buttons.

Almost a week after I started, ta da!


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