Wedding at The Weir

Today I delivered the heaviest cake in the world!!! Well my back told me it was anyway. You wouldn’t think a cake without fondant would be so heavy, but then again there was more buttercream than you could shake several sticks at.
My BFF from Atlanta sent me some Viva paper towels to get the smoothness to the buttercream. It worked really well! I’ll be using it a lot, sorry Leslie!

The wedding colours were silver and blue. The bride provided the topper. The cake is Madagascan vanilla and raspberry, with vanilla buttercream. With a separate gluten free cake to match.




2 thoughts on “Wedding at The Weir

  1. Lush cake!! 🙂 Would love to know your “bucket list” (because I’m just nosey like that!) And mum’s planning her next cake order 🙂

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