Let’s try this again!

A couple of days ago I tried to post about my seaside wedding cake. For some reason best known to itself, WP did silly things! It didn’t seem to work. So we’ll try again!

In fact since then I’ve done another wedding by the sea. This time in beautiful Port Issac. This little cake went to Outlaws Fish Kitchen. It was going to sit on a wheel of the grooms favourite cheese. Sadly the restaurant was busy so they were going to set up themselves later, so no photo of the final display. 

It was my carrot cake with orange buttercream. 



And so to the seaside cake. This was a beast! So heavy it took the groom, his mate from NZ and a female guest, plus trolley, to get it from car to marquee! It was quite a sight, several people came out to take photos of the precession. 

The cake itself was: Chocolate and salted caramel. Lemon and vanilla. Coconut and lime with pineapple buttercream. 


My lovely father made the chairs and fences 🙂   



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