A week in cake 

phew it’s been a busy week!! Well a busy two weeks. Weddings, wedding anniverseries, birthdays….. 

I’ll start with last weeks wedding. It started as just a tower of cupcakes. Until the brides mother presented her with a fruit cake! Cue a panicky text asking if I could decorate it to match the cupcakes. 

The cupcakes were a mix of chocolate/salted caramel, coffee and walnut/mocha, carrot/spiced buttercream and Lemon/vanilla. 

Then there were some cupcakes for a VW camper van lover. 

Two little birthday cakes…. 

A gluten free 60th wedding anniversary. That was such a pleasure to do, and loved the photo I was given to work in. 

The other 50th birthday cake gave me the chance to play with my favourite thing. Sugar flowers!!! 

The last cake was a bit last min. 24 hours notice! But luckily I keep a stock of flowers, mainly because I love making them! 

This was the other gluten free. 

And now it’s bedtime! But I love what I do, and I love making people happy. Thank you to everyone who gives me that chance. 

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