One day, two very different weddings. 

Saturday was a busy day at Sweet Temptations. A few months ago I thought taking on two wedding in one day was a good idea. Seeing as they were close to each other, but a long way from ST HQ. And it worked out, logistically. I however wanted to then sleep for a week! 

The two weddings and their locations were very different. The first was a three tier cake, fruit, lemon and vanilla. The lace was the lace from the wedding dress, that the bride was making herself. Trying to keep the groom away from it so he couldn’t see involved locking him out! 

The second couldn’t be more different. It wasn’t even a cake! But then we are in Cornwall, so a tower of cream teas seems perfectly fitting. Stunning beach location too (not naming the venue as the staff were terribly rude.) 

Baking scones until stupid o’clock at night. Getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning and then a two hour drive. Yeah….. Maybe not in a rush to do that again! But I expect I will if I’m asked, there’s nothing like making people smile with cake!

The first wedding also had a birthday cake to go with it. The brides niece was 1 and wasn’t to be left out! Rightly so. The cake had its own barrel next to the one the wedding cake was on 🙂 


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