My cake happy place.

What’s your cake happy place? We all have one. A cake that makes us weak at the knees. 

For me it’s red velvet. From the first one I had from Crumbs on Brynt Park in NYC (not there anymore sadly). Lili insisted I tried one. And it was a epiphany moment, I’d found it. The cake I’d been searching for. 

When I got home I tried in vein to find good red velvets. They hadn’t really taken off in the UK yet. So I decided I’d find a recipe and just make my own! 

After a few duds I found the right recipe, both for the cake and the cream cheese icing. 

I thought a red velvet with cream cheese icing couldn’t be improved. But last week I found out I was wrong. It can. By putting a cheesecake in the middle!

Oh yes. A whole vanilla cheesecake between layers of red velvet cake. Covered in cream cheese icing. Perfection. 


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