A very productive holiday

Last week myself and my good friend went to my best friends for thanksgiving. She lives in Atlanta (well a suburb of). Now we did the usual things of eating way too much and Black Friday shopping. But I’m a caker, so that had to factor into things. 

Turns out there is an aladins cave in Tucker Atlanta called Cake Art. A cake making supplies shop. So I shopped….. 

There’s a lot of things I can’t get in the UK that I can in America. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! Then there’s the favourable exchange rate. So I actually saved loads. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. 

Getting it all home was interesting. My packing skills are not all they could be. But I managed! 

 One thing I was excited about was all the colours of metallic foil. Here I can only get gold and silver leaf. And the choclets, which I can’t get either. Then I found some amazing embossing mats I’ve never seen here. 
If you are ever in that part of the world you have to go check them out! 

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