When a naked cake gets embaressed. 

Being naked in public….. It’s something we have nightmares about. We wake in a cold sweat and check we still have our PJs on. Admit it, you’ve done it too! 

Recently cakes have been throwing caution, and their icing, to the wind and showing us their altogether. Naughty but nice.

But lately some cakes have got all shy, and started reaching for their undies. 

It’s a great halfway house between the trendy, but temprimental, naked cakes (they look great but dry out so so quickly!) and the fully dressed cakes in their full Sunday best. 

It also solves the problem of wanting a covered cake when you don’t like fondant or royal icing. 

And so, I give to you, cakes in their frilly knickers! (In other words just their buttercream.) 


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