Acceptance is a choice…. 

This month is Autism Awareness Month. As some of you may know, my son is profoundly autistic. He has other conditions too, but it’s the autism that’s relevant here. 

I was lucky enough recently to be involved with Sugar Art 4 Autism. A wonderful Collaberation of cake artists from all over the world. It was particularly meaningful to me. 

Jamie is 12 now. He’s still in nappies and is only just starting to talk in a way we can understand. But he’s a joy. He’s so very happy. I’ve not come across anyone who doesn’t fall for him. So it was natural to use one of his paintings as inspiration for my contribution. 

I’m very lucky. I can work from home to be there for him. And we have had lots of support. I know it’s a battle sometimes to get the right help, but once you do, it’s worth it. And I wouldn’t change him, not for anything. 

So here is his painting and my piece for the Collaberation. 

Autism isn’t a choice. Acceptance is. 


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