Cake International

This weekend just gone was the London Cake International show at Alexandra Palace. For us cakers CI is a HUGE deal. Think The Chelsea Flower Show for cakes. 

Now for all the time I’ve be doing this I’m ashamed to say I’ve never managed to get to a Cake International, either their London or Birmingham ones. So this year I was determined! 

And then I had the bright idea to enter one of the classes……. I swear no vodka was involved…. At all…. Much…. 

Anyway, I filled in the online form and hit send. Then started to panic. I mean the standard is off the chart good. But it was done now. I’d entered.

And so started the process of deciding what I could make that I stood a chance of getting to London from Cornwall, on a train (there’s no way I’m driving through London!!) After much changing of minds and telling myself I was a bloody idiot, I decided. And Flora was born.

Yes we named her. 

The journey. Yes well I think the vodka should have travelled with us. But we got there, Flora and I. With the help of a lovely GWR man who helped me get through Paddington station without getting bumped into. Into a taxi and off to hit 1346764333567888 speed humps! To say I was tense was an understatement! I was imagining poor Flora in 5000 bits in her carry box. After all that way. But she survived! 

And the next morning we delivered her to Ally Pally. My poor friend met me to hold my hand. 

Then we waited. The judges took Friday to go around and we got the results on Saturday. 

Flora did me proud! I wasn’t expecting anything for my first venture into such a highly prestigious competition. But I got an Award of Merit! Well done Flora! 



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