Oh bother! I guess we should have a cake….. 

Yo may remember a while ago I wrote about the forgotten wedding cake. Or rather the lack of thought towards the wedding cake. 

Well it’s happened again! Over the weekend one of my local papers produced a wedding special magazine. I had a flick through. All very useful information and guides, but no cakes! Nothing! Not even a mention of their existence. Oh there was a piece about getting a bespoke hat, but nada about the cake!!!! And this was in a dedicated wedding mag. 

It’s no wonder we get so many last minute bookings for cakes when they are consigned to the back of the list. I’ve had brides contact me quite close to the date saying they weren’t going to bother with a cake, but think maybe they should. It makes me sad. 

Now I know sugar is the new devil, and everyone is constantly getting told to avoid it. But isn’t that more reason to indulge on a special occasion?! Isn’t that the point? We can all pop to the supermarket and buy an E number filled, factory made thing to satisfy the sugar devil. But surely a big occasion deserves a proper, hand made, freshly baked, E number free, lovingly crafted cake? Maybe cake is seen these days as just an everyday food stuff. 

I hope the tide turns back to the time when food was a big part of the celebration, with the cake at its centre. Trust me if you go to a wedding and there’s no cake, you’ll notice! 

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