The gender divide. 

Yes it happens in the cake world as much as the real world. Two of this weeks cakes showed the gender divide quite starkly! 

No I was brought up by a mother with the attitude that ‘why would women want to be equal to men? We’ve been superior for millennia, why lower our standing?’ So I wasn’t taught what was for ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ as any different. I had Barbie, and a train set. I’ve always lived in jeans, and actually ran screaming from a shop as a child when my gran tried to make me have some lace concoction. But I love pink, and shoes. 

So is it nature or nurture? Who knows. I will leave that debate to those more qualified than me! Although I will add that my autistic son likes what he likes, and cares not what gender it’s aimed at. 

Back to cake. 

This week I had two orders for consecutive days, similar size, both for birthdays. But they couldn’t be more different. 

This one was for a girls birthday (actually I think it was his girlfriend and she was 25!) 

This was for a boy. But I bet I didn’t need to tell you that. 

I loved doing both these cakes. It just seemed to highlight how different we are. Those two little X or Y are in everything we do, even the cakes we order. Fascinating! 

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