Why the Ts&Cs? 

It’s a question cake makers get asked. Why do we need a terms and conditions page? Cakes are happy things, for fun, happy occasions right? Well yes. However scams can happen to us just as in any industry. But who on earth would cheat a cake maker?! Oh you’d be surprised. 

When I first started I naively thought all would be fine. It’s simple. Someone orders a cake. I make said cake. They pay me. Everyone’s happy. And in most cases this is so. But then it happened. That first customer who had no intention of paying. They did pay, but only after being very rude to me on the doorstep. 

It shook me. How can people be so mean over a cake?! But it happened again some months later. A ‘complaint’ several days after the event. And after being told they were happy.  Clearly the complaint had been invented and had nothing to back it up. 

And so I had to draw up some Ts&Cs. And sadly I have to keep updating them to deal with the next scam. The latest one seems to be asking for cupcakes by post as tasting samples for a wedding. I used to do these for free. Until the fifth time I was asked by a ‘bride’ who then never got back in touch. So now I have to charge, which is a shame for those that are genuine customers. 

It may seem harsh to have a long page of Ts&Cs but, sadly I’ve had to do it for my own protection. Which is a real shame. It takes a little of the joy out of something I love doing so much. But then I guess it’s business. And squaring creative and artistic drive with cold, hard business is never going to be easy. 

So don’t be put off by seeing the Terms and Conditions page. It’s there to protect you as a customer too. And if you’re a genuine customer then it’s probably not relevant to you anyway. 

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