Mirror, Mirror

Happy bank holiday weekend! 

For me it has meant turning my hand to teaching. Well kinda. My cousins daughter (my second cousin?) is at catering college and wanted to come and ‘learn’ some cakey things. I’m not sure I was able to teach her much, but we had fun. 

Two of the things she asked to do were macaroons and a mirror glaze cake. 

Now macaroons were my nemisis for years! And I’m still not 100% sure what changed. But I suddenly seemed to click with them, thank goodness! It’s most disheartening being beaten by sugar and egg whites. Felicity was having the same issues, just not clicking with them. I’m happy to say though, that she broke her curse! 

The mirror glaze is a HUGE trend right now. And looks stunning, and very daunting. So daunting that I’d been putting off trying it. However Felicity wanted to have a go. And so I did some reaserch. This involved a YouTube video of a very over enthusiastic American! Her recipe and method seemed the most straight forward, even if I did want to give her a massive sedative. And so we made notes and got to it. 

And it worked!!!! Not only worked, but worked like a dream! Thank you hyper American. 

After doing the cake there was some glaze left, and so Felicity decided to use some to glaze her donut macaroons. They were super adorable! And I’m stealing that idea! 


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