Good value? 

It fascinates me the way people value things. I’ve just watched a programme about shoe making, relevant to me as my grandparents were in the shoe trade in Northampton. They showed the hand making of shoes, and shoe factories. Surprisingly similar process to making sugar shoes, which may explain why I like making them. Shoe making is in the blood! 

Now I don’t think anyone would expect to pay the same for a crafted, hand made pair of shoes, tailor made, as they would for a pair from a factory production line. Nor would you go to a shoe designer and expect them to make you shoes for high street prices. 

But with cakes it happens almost daily. 

I will get a message asking for a cake, a custom cake. A home made cake. Hand made decorations, designed to given requirements. A cake that will take several hours over possibly two days. I will reply with a quote. 

Sadly a lot of the time I will get two reactions. Silence or ‘HOW MUCH?!’ And this makes me sad. It’s sad that my time isn’t valued, that what I’m producing isn’t valued. And that its okay to demand a high end product at factory prices. 

The old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true. 

We all have different budgets and different priorities of what we want to spend our hard earned money on. And that’s fine. But you wouldn’t demand a pair of Jimmy Choos at Primark shoe prices. 

Sometimes I will get a client who values what I do. Who thanks me, and pays without quibble. I’ve even had some pay extra as they think I’m not charging enough. When this happens I actually get minimum wage for my cakes. When I’m asked to lower my price I’m actually being asked to work for nothing. And I don’t think anyone would do that. Would they? 

So this is a big thank you to those lovely people who value something hand made. Who acknowledge that what I do won’t be Asda prices, but it will be worth it. 

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