Cake Masters Awards. 

You may remember my post a few weeks ago about going to the Cake Masters Magazine Awards dinner, otherwise known as the ‘Cake Oscars.’? 

Well last night was the night! I’ve spent the weekend here in Birmingham, at Cake International. As part of that was the awards. And it’s a huge deal! In Cake land it doesn’t get much bigger. 

Now you may also recall my telling you that the wonderful UNSA that I’m admin on, were up for an award. And so was the Sugar Arts for Autism collaboration I was involved with. This was an honour for all involved. 

Although we didn’t win, it was still a great experience. And I hope I can go again next year. Even if I’m not involved with anything in the finals, just going was great fun. Cake royalty to left and right, and posh frocks all around!

At least it was posh once we got there. Walking from the hotel involved a posh dress with cupcake Vans. Yes I looked like an idiot, but I didn’t fall over, which was worth all the odd looks. And there were many odd looks…. 

So here’s a massive congratulations to all the worthy winners. And here’s to next year! 

And no my camera wasn’t broken. The lights were pink!! 

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