When should I book the cake? 

This is something I get asked a lot at wedding fairs. And my answer is always the same. As soon as possible. 

However, to my alarm, a friend of mine planning her wedding read in a leading wedding magazine that you only need to book the cake four months ahead! I was shocked!!!! This was ‘professional’ advice! 

Sadly it once again proves that in the wedding industry, the cake is considered an afterthought.

But I’ve already got several 2018 bookings, and I’m meeting a couple in the new year who are 2019! So four months is a joke.

Please, please don’t listen to such advice! A good cake designer gets booked up just as far ahead as any other supplier and venue. 

As soon as you know your venue and a rough idea of numbers, then book your cake. You don’t need to have decided 100% on your design, flavour or colour scheme. But pay that deposit and secure your date! I hate having to turn people down because their date has gone. And if I’m booking up that far ahead already, then so will every other cake maker. 

And to all bridal blogs and magazines. Stop telling people that they only need four months for their cake! You are setting people up for disappointment. 

The cake below was booked two years before the wedding. And that’s not unusual. 

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