A plea to wedding magazines and blogs. 

On Sunday I did my first wedding fair of the year at the beautiful Saunton Sands Hotel. It’s one of the best ones I do and such a lovely start to the year. 

However this year I had a issue. Not with the hotel, but with brides asking availability. It’s January, and several were asking about dates in May this year. Only four months away! Of course I had to turn them down because May has been booked out for months. However the magazines and blogs are still advising that you don’t need to bother about the cake until 4 or 5 months ahead. Please, please, please stop advising this! It’s not fair on the couples getting married, as they select their cake designer only to be told we are booked. June 2018 is already booked up for me. 

Those of us who are good at what we do, and have the reputations, get booked up early. Just like a popular venue does. So please wedding industry, please stop advising that the cake is an afterthought and can be last on the list. Seeing people’s eyes light up on seeing my stand, and tasting my cakes, only to have to tell them I can’t do their cake, and watching their faces fall was depressing. 

I get asked a lot when they should book the cake? How much notice do I need? It’s not a question of how much notice, but have I got availability. My answer is always the same. As soon as you possibly can! Book the date, pay the deposit to secure it. Then you can think about exactly what you’d like the cake to look and taste like. But get that deposit paid! Don’t lose your dream cake designer because you’ve listened to the ‘4-5 month lead time’ advise. 

I hope I don’t have to keep blogging about this problem. I really hope the industry takes responsibility for the advice they give. 

Rant over! Here’s my stand from Sunday with new 2017 designs. 

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