London Calling! 

When London calls it’s only polite to answer. Especially when it’s asking you to bring a cake with you. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, I live in Cornwall. That’s quite a way from London! Well yes, that’s very true. But where there’s a will, a sturdy box and lots of bubble wrap, there’s a way. 

You see I’m not Cornish by birth. I’m from Northampton. And most of my family are still up that way. Except my cousin and her family who are in London. Hence the call to bring a cake from Cornwall to London. As I was invited to the family party anyway, I may as well do the cake, right? After all doing cakes for family was how this whole thing started in the first place. 

So I packed the cake, and a bag. Catching up with family was by far the best part of the weekend, as well as watching the cake be chopped up and eaten. I don’t usually see that part! 

I do love London. So when it next calls and asks for cake, I’ll be there! 

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