Size matters

Yes it does! Sorry boys. 

But seriously, getting the right size cake is important. It’s one of the first things I ask after the date of the wedding or event. Because the size of the cake will determine cost just as much as the decoration. 

I’ve got a size chart on the price guide page, it’s well worth checking out before asking about a cake. It will help you decide what is the minimum size you’ll need for your number of guests. They are based on the catering way of cutting a cake into cubes rather than the slices we would cut ourselves at home. If you’re having your event at a venue they should know how to do this. And there are cutting charts you can find on google, or I can print you one off. 

And don’t worry if your budget won’t cover a cake big enough for all your guests. You can have cutting cakes for the kitchen to cut. This is especially useful if you’re having lots more guests in the evening. 

Don’t be afraid to ask me (or your chosen cake maker) to work out what size you’ll need. We are used to doing it 🙂 The last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry if you’ve got enough cake. You can never have too much cake! 

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