Explanation, not justification 

The last couple of weeks have been rather frustrating here in STHQ. I’ve had a number of enquiries, which is great. However they have all vanished without trace as soon as money is mentioned. 

I’m a sole trader, I work hard. I take great care over every cake I make, and don’t charge for anything like the amount of hours I actually spend on them. The minimum wage? Not even close! Not to mention replying to messages late at night etc. 

Yes you can get a cake in Asda for £10. But you’ve not gone to Asda, you’ve come to a custom cake designer. And it’s sole destroying when our work is not valued. Would you go into a high end boutique and demand they make you a dress or suit for Primark prices? But, sadly, it’s okay to do it to us.

You see you’re not just paying for ‘a bit of eggs and flour.’ For a start we don’t buy in the huge bulk a supermarket bakery can, so don’t get the ingredients for the bottom price. Then we have public liability Insurence, business car Insurence etc. That’s all before we’ve turned the oven on. 

Next we mix in small, custom batches, to you’re flavour and dietary requirements. And this is done fresh for each order, not on a production line or stashed in huge freezers just in case. So baking, cooling, making fillings and putting the basic cake together has already taken a full day’s work. And we haven’t started decorating yet. 

Before we even start baking we will already have spent time discussing what you want with you, and designing your cake. Then we will have spent however many hours it takes to make the figures, flowers etc that you’ve requested. 

Next comes colouring the fondant, crumb coating the cake. More chilling to get it to the right stage for decorating. Then we cover the cake, smooth, level, smooth again. Before finally adding the decorations. All this takes at least another half day. 

And don’t forget that we often deliver your cakes. And, for wedding and large celebration cakes, we spend as much time as needed setting everything up. 

It’s not ‘just a cake.’ 

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