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Please read through my price guide.

I carefully take into account everything I’m asked to do before I price a cake. I always give an honest price, I don’t add more just because it’s a wedding cake for example. I can tailor your ideas to fit a budget, but I can’t change my prices, nor can I copy someone else’s design. 

The price quoted will be the final price, and will include delivery if that’s been asked for.  Once agreed then a 25% deposit will secure your booking 🙂

Cake stands can be hired. I charge £25 to hire a stand. This is to cover the fuel and time to return to a venue to collect it. If you can return the stand to me then there will be no charge. However breakages must be paid for. 

Stacked Cakes.

Price on application as each cake will be unique. As will the size and amount of work involved. Below is a guide for cakes with fondant based on the smallest size combination and basic, plain decoration.

2 tier sponge from £200 (8/6inch)
3 tier sponge from £300 (10/8/6 inch)
4 tier sponge from £350 (10/8/6/4 inch) 

Square cakes are 15% more as they take a lot longer to ganache and cover. 

Fruit cake will be £50 more per size.

Single cakes.

Again price will depend on the amount of work involved. Below is a guide for a simple buttercream covered cake with basic decoration. 

6in sponge from £30
8in sponge from £40
10in sponge from £50
12in sponge from £60

Square cakes will be 15% more. Cakes decorated with fondant and modelling will be POA. 

I have portion guides if you need to work out what size to order. 

Fruit cakes will be £10 more per size. Fruit cakes will be marzipan and fondant only, not buttercream. And will be fed with the alcahol of your choice. 

Below is a serving guide to give you an idea of the size you will need for your cake. 

Sugar flower keepsakes:

If you want to recreate your wedding flowers as a keepsake. Or just want a lasting floral gift. Then ask about my sugar flowers. 


Cupcakes start at £1.25 per cake.

This is for buttercream topped cupcakes. Fondant capped will be price on application, again depending on how intricate the design.

# Please note. Prices are for homemade cakes, hand made decorations and fondant work. Real butter and 70% cocoa chocolate. There are no added preservatives so please keep cakes covered once cut or they will dry very quickly. 
Everything is made fresh to order. And price will include delivery. I won’t ever add any additional charges unless what is asked for changes. 

Gluten and dairy free will not cost any more. 

Delivery: I don’t have a limit on where I deliver to. I’ve taken cakes to Birmingham and London as well as all over Cornwall and Devon.  However the longer the distance the addition of an extra delivery charge will have to be made. This is to cover fuel and will be included in the final quote. 

Consultations: It has become necessary, sadly, to start charging for consultations and tastings. I can now only offer tastings if you are serious about booking with me. However free samples will still be on offer at any wedding fairs I do. A charge of £50 for a consultation and tasting of three flavours, which will be deducted from any order over £200 placed, or can count as a deposit. Please note I only do consultations and tastings for weddings. 

If you can’t make a consultation in person, I can post tasting samples to you. A box of three flavours is £30 with next day delivery. Again this is deducted from and orders over £200. 

25 thoughts on “Price Guide

  1. Hi, I would like to enquire about having a cake made for pick up on Monday 17th for my mothers 70th birthday.
    I would like a simple chocolate sponge 10 inch with pretty flowers and 70 on it. If you could let me know a price and if you are able to do it that would be great. I am overseas and coming back for a surprise so if you need a deposit I can get someone to drop it in.

    Many thanks
    Heather x

  2. Hi there
    I am making two wedding cakes and I am atruggling with the flowers in chocolate on the top. Would you be in a position to make these? The wedding is 19th sept, I am in Devon. Thank you

  3. Hi Claire I would like to enquire about ordering a cake for my partners birthday. we are spending the weekend in the area but i dont live anywhere near and need some help in deciding what i want.

  4. Hi Claire

    Could you please give me a price for one 10″ and one 8″ fruit cake with marzipan and white icing. I am particularly interested in the cake in your gallery with bunting on.

    I live in Weston super Mare and the cake is not needed until mid August 2016.

    Many thanks.


  5. Hi Claire

    I am trying to organise a cake for my brothers 50th birthday which I would need by 25th March. His main hobby is photography, so a camera theme would be ideal. It would need to feed ten people. Is this something you could manage in the time? I live in North Devon.

  6. Hi , hopefully you can help ….. im looking for someone to do me a birthday cake , for the 10th of july .
    We would like it to be a unicorn cake .
    I really hope you can help .
    many thanks

  7. Hi Claire, I’m trying to organise a cake for my daughter and her fiance’s engagement party. There will be 70 ish people at the party but don’t think they will all want a piece of cake . I want to put a photo on the cake, but other than that I’m not too sure of other decoration ? Could you give me an idea of size/ price please. I live in Exeter.

  8. Hello, I’m looking to have a cake made for my sistser’s 30th to collect on the 24/25th May 2017. It would be a chocolate sponge single tier cake to feed 8-10 people. I would like it to be a death by choclate/kinder style decoration… I have pictures to send to show what i mean! 🙂 If you could let me know if you could do this and pricing that would be great! Thank you

  9. Hi there, my mum is turning 60 this year and I was wondering how much would a single tier Elvis themed cake would cost?

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