It’s design time for your wedding cake!

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that going back to work wasn’t too painful.
Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get back to planning your big day. And to thinking some more about the all-important cake.
This time I want to talk about wedding cake style.
How many of you use pintrest to gather inspiration? I know I do, for everything. And it’s fabulous. It’s also HUGE! With so many ideas and beautiful images, how are you ever going to narrow it all down??? I mean having 100 cakes might be a nice idea, but not very practical.
However, this is another area where your cake maker is on hand to help. Because designing your cake is all part of the service. Saying this, there is an issue here. Sadly I can’t design a cake until the booking fee has been paid. This is because I’ve been the victim of design theft. On too many occasions I have been in talks with a client, designed their cake, and then never heard from them again. Only to see my exact design pop up on social media on the date and place they were enquiring about ☹ So when your cake designer asks for the booking fee before designing your cake, this is probably because this has happened to them too. But we will happily talk you through all the various style options, and help you narrow down exactly what you want.
Deciding how you want your cake to look is one of the fun parts, maybe only second to trying lots of samples to decide on flavours (more of that in the coming posts).
So, let’s get back to all those pics you have got pinned and saved. Have a good look through them. Is there a theme? Do they have anything in common? I bet you’ll find they do, even if you think they are random. And those that share similarities are the beginnings of your design.
Do your reference pics share a colour scheme? Do they all have sugar flowers? Then you clearly are drawn to those things. This is what you need to tell your cake designer. Better still. Invite them to your pintrest board so we can see for ourselves. If you can’t spot a pattern, I bet we will.
And of course, there’s the other option with cake design. Ignore everything you see and go completely your own way! I’ve done a Death Star as a wedding cake before now (yes really.) And why not? It’s your wedding after all. So if that’s what you are finding yourselves drawn to, then go for it. The cake is one of the areas of the wedding you can really personalize, without turning the whole thing into a fully themed wedding. It’s a nod to you and your personalities, the things you share, and the things that you love. Your wedding cake can tell your story, or represent something personal to you as a couple or a family. A once had the couples children design the cake for them, which they didn’t get to see until the day.
Gone are the days when the wedding cake was an all white affair, stuck in the corner. It’s now one of the stars of the show. And every star deserves to shine ?

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