Luxury Wedding Cakes – High End With a Twist

The Parlour at Sketch

Luxury Wedding Cakes – High End With a Twist

High end with a twist. Part 2.


I’m back!! Sorry for the radio silence. I had some major issues with my website, but that’s been fixed now. So I’m back! I’ll let you decide if that’s a good or bad thing.


Have you ever been to Sketch in London? After my blog last time about ‘high end with a twist’ wedding cakes I started to think of what that might equate to in other areas. And I remembered Sketch.

The Parlour at Sketch

Best friends and high tea.


Last year one of my best friends came over from America for a visit to London for her 50th birthday. She wanted to go somewhere for afternoon tea. We had already done Claridges and the one on the double-decker bus on previous trips (that is great fun!) So I wanted to take her somewhere a bit different this time.

And so I took her to Sketch. And it sums up ‘high end with a twist’ perfectly! To begin with its pink, and if you know me, then you know how much I love pink. The website is super fun to be on too. Then there is their dress code, “we ask our guests to dress with a sense of style and character.”

The Bar at Sketch

Destination toilets.


Everything about the place is quirky, from the entrance to the toilets. OMG the toilets are worth the visit on their own! No spoilers, go see for yourselves. But it also oozes class and quality. It’s a memorable experience with every detail thought about and taken to the next level.

If my style and ethos could be summed up in a place, it would be Sketch, London. Taking your ideas about your wedding cake and taking them to the next level, with class, but also with a ‘sense of style and character.’

The Parlour



I’ve been missing London this year. The last time I was there was for The Wedding Gallery networking evening back in January. Usually I’d be up there every few weeks. I would say around 80% of my clients who are getting married down here in the magnificent South West, are not local. They are from London or the South East, and so I find myself popping up to London to meet with couples who can’t get down to meet with me. And also to meet with some lovely wedding industry contacts who have become friends over the years.


Letting the train take the strain.


Now I know what you might be thinking. All those trips to London from Cornwall. That’s a lot of driving and that’s not good for the environment. Well that would be true, if I were driving. But I don’t, I take the train. Yes, cakes on a train (sorry, had to). But it works very well. Yes it’s much better for the planet, but also it’s more economic, and a lot less stressful. So it’s a win all round. I will admit that once there, when I have a cake, I do use a cab as it’s way safer than trying to take a cake on the tube (trust me, I’ve tried!) And I think using a cab might be the safest option for a while yet, to ensure the safety of everyone at the venues I’m visiting. Plus I have to be very careful with vulnerable family members. Which is why I haven’t been travelling anything like as much as I usually would.

High tea at Sketch

High End with a twist.


So back to the point of this blog. I hope I have helped clarify a bit more why I describe my style the way I do. I put my heart and soul into everything I do for my clients. And, as I limit the amount of weddings I do a year, I make sure every cake and every client gets the same attention.

There is no doubt that weddings as we know them have changed and will be different for a while to come. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have that amazing cake you have been dreaming about. In fact having to have a smaller wedding is even more reason to go all out on the cake, and on everything actually! So take that idea and let me turn it into a showstopping cake that will help to make your wedding live in the memories of your guests for years to come.


Top tips on getting your ‘High End With a Twist’ wedding cake;


1/ Get in touch with me! 😉

2/ Seriously though. Do a little research and find a cake maker whose work you really love. And have a bit of a look on Pinterest etc to find inspiration pics for your dream cake, this will make it easier to decide on the style you want, and that will help you find your perfect cake maker.

3/ Consider your venue, and what kind of cake would fit well. Are there details in the décor or architecture that could be picked up in the wedding cake design.

4/ Give all your inspiration pics and Pinterest boards to your cake maker. We will then use these as the starting point for your design. Although please remember we don’t ‘copy/paste’ but work with you to design something unique.

5/ Have fun! Have some fun with your designs and colours. This will help to make your cake truly yours.



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