Luxury Wedding Cakes: Your Dream Wedding Cake.

Claire Potts

Luxury Wedding Cakes: Your Dream Wedding Cake.

Your dream wedding cake starts here.

It seems to have been a while since I introduced myself. And I know there are a lot of new visitor to my little website, hello and welcome! How can I help you plan your dream wedding cake? What ideas do you have for your wedding? I’d love to know.


I’d also love to know the things that are worrying you about planning and deciding about your wedding, and the cake in particular. I may well be able to help. And I know I can help with the cake.


Anyway, let me reintroduce myself.

And let me tell you about what I can do for you and how I can help you create your dream wedding cake.


Hi!! I’m Claire and I own and run Claire’s Sweet Temptations. I make one off, unique wedding cakes for couples across Cornwall, Devon, and beyond sometimes. I’m based on the north Devon/Cornwall border, so I can easily cover both counties, and be on the M5 in about an hour to get anywhere else. Although I do try to use the train whenever I can when I’m going out of the area. It’s better for the environment, and less stressful than driving with someones wedding cake on board!

Claire Potts


My job is to help you decide on your dream wedding cake, to help you choose the flavours, and the perfect size. And to design it for you and with you. I feel it’s very important to have as much input from my couples as possible. I’ve found that even couples who say they don’t know what they want, usually have at least one or two Pinterest boards with ideas. So share those with me, it’ll give me a great idea about your style and tastes.


Getting to know you

Usually I hold consultations at my studio in Clovelly but that’s obviously not happening for a while! But I do sample boxes of three flavours by post, and we can then arrange a Zoom call to discuss everything. There are full details of these HERE. This works really well if you’re getting married down here but don’t live locally. And I have always done this, even without the restrictions. How lovely to get a box of cake through the post to try at home?


When it’s allowed again I do go up to London to meet with my couples, so that can be arranged too. I used to meet with my clients and couples at The Wedding Gallery in Marylebone. Sadly that has had to close for the foreseeable future. But I’m hopeful to find a new London ‘home.’ In the meantime we can find a nice café or hotel lounge to meet in. I know a lot of you reading this will be planning your Devon or Cornwall wedding from London and the surrounding area. And I know it’s not possible to come down at the moment, or for me to get up. So Zoom to the resecure!

semi naked wedding cake with fresh, edible flowers

So how do I work?

Well you will get one to one attention from start to finish from me. I will be with you at every stage.  And you can ask me anything about your cake and the process, there’s no such thing as a silly question. If I can put your mind at rest, then I will. I’m very aware that even though I work on weddings day in and day out, for you it’s all new. You’re bound to have a lot of questions.


One of those questions is regarding dietary requirements.

I can do gluten and dairy free in almost all flavours, and a small selection of vegan options. Again, just ask and I’ll do all I can to help. However I do need to point out that I can’t do 100% free from of anything, especially nuts. And so if it a serious allergy and not an intolerance, then please let me know. I do use as much separate equipment as possible, but I don’t have a separate ‘free from’ kitchen. Although all gluten and dairy free ingredients are stored separately.

traditional cake cutting

Having confidence.


I know you want to have confidence in all your suppliers. That’s vital. And I am always happy to help you find other suppliers for other things such as a florist or hairdresser. We all tend to work together and know each other. The wedding industry is close knit and very supportive. We will often recommend each other.


My cakes have won awards, so you know you’re going to get a cake that will wow you and your guests. And with 8 years making wedding cakes you can be reassured that I have the experience behind me. And I make everything myself.

The taste is just as important as the look, and I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with recipes over the years to find the best ones. There’s nothing worse than the cake looking amazing but being disappointing when you come to eat it.

The most popular flavours are HERE, but I can work with you to create a custom flavour if there’s something very specific you’d like. And I’m always looking for new flavour combinations. However I find that the classics are the best for weddings, generally. Those classic flavours are such for a reason, they tend to be universally popular, and always go down well with large groups.

the cake cutting is a special moment

You deserve to be this happy with your cake!

Specialities and the personal touch.


I especially love making sugar flowers. They are a traditional and quintessential part of a wedding cake. Although wafer paper flowers are also beautiful and have a lot of benefits. But I also use edible flowers on cakes, or fresh flowers from your florist. Dried flowers have become more and more popular recently. And you can even have silk flowers, the advantage with these is that you can keep them forever as a keepsake.

Hand painting on cakes is something else I love to do. Maybe a painting of the venue, the view from the venue, or something even more personal.

There are so many wonderful ways to make your wedding cake really beautiful, and truly personal. I can create a hand cut stencil based on a design from your wedding stationary, that can then be translated onto the cake. Maybe a monogram of you initials. The possibilities really are endless.

gluten and dairy free wedding cake

The stencil for this wedding cake was hand cut to match the stationary

Okay I’m sold! Now what?


Well before we can get you booked in I need to take a booking fee. And to work that out I will need to quote you for the cake you’ve decided on. To do this I need to know the numbers the cake needs to feed so I can work out the size of cake you need. And also the location of the wedding venue. This is so that I can work out the delivery cost. There’s a guide to my prices HERE.

When I give you your quote it’s tailored to you, and takes into account everything you want, the size, and materials, the delivery and setting up as well as all the design work, admin, tastings and consultations. So it’s a complete price and there won’t be any other bills later on (unless what you want changes). With this in mind I do please ask you not to try to negotiate on price. I hate having to say that, but sadly it happens.

elopement cake and scones

I do get booked up fast, so don’t leave booking the cake too long! I always say to start talking to me about your cake as soon as you’ve set the date and booked the venue. I do need to know both of these things before I can book you in, although I’m happy to talk through your cake ideas even if you’ve not got the date/venue set yet. It’s never too early to get ideas. And I love chatting to my couples about their dreams for their big day.


Booking with confidence.


Now the C word. I won’t dwell on it. But just to say that I know it is causing anxiety around weddings, and you may be wary of committing to a date. Don’t worry, I will work closely with you, and should you need to move due to the restrictions, to a lockdown or because there is a tiering system back in place to prevent weddings ,then just let me know and I’ll do all I can to help. This is covered HERE in my Ts&Cs, although I do try to be as accommodating as I possibly can.


Get in touch.


If you want to get in touch for a chat about your wedding cake then simply email me at or pop HERE and fill out my contact form.

And I’m on Instagram Where you can keep up to date with what I’m up to. You can pop me a message on there about anything wedding cake related, or to let me know what you’d like to see in future blogs.





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