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So you’ve been in touch with your wedding cake designer, andone of the things they have asked you is what size the cake needs to be? Wewill always have to ask this as the size of the cake affects the cost ofingredients and the amount of time and work involved, and therefore the finalcost of the finished cake.

However, panic not, we know that you’re not professionalcake makers, which is why you have contacted us! Therefore we will work out thesize for you. If you pop to the price guide page of the site you’ll see a handysizing guide, which you can use to work out cake servings.

Basically, the sizing chart will give you the size of eachcake in inches, and if it’s round or square. Then there are three portion sizeoptions, 2×2. 2×1 and 1×1 inch. Most wedding cakes will be cut up into 2×1 forsponge and 1×1 for fruit cakes. If you want bigger 2x2in portions to serve asdessert then you’ll need to let your cake designer know, so we can make surethat we make the cake big enough.

The size you decide on will depend on when you are planningto serve the cake. Traditionally the wedding cake would be cut after thespeeches, then served with coffee at the end of the meal. Or handed aroundduring the down time between wedding breakfast and evening reception, so usingthe 2×1 size. But this is changing. Many people use the cake as the dessert ifhaving a formal, sit down meal. This makes sense and you know the cake will beeaten, however check with your venue that they are happy to do this. It won’twork out cheaper to serve the cake as dessert, as you will need a bigger cake.The other option is to cut the cake much later and serve it in the evening. Ifthis is what you plan on doing, then the 2×1 portion will be the right size.Let your venue know how you’re planning to serve the cake, so that they cut itup into the right size. And don’t forget some for you!!

Which brings us to a neat idea we like to call a ‘take tobed cake.’  This is a small cake that isjust for the two of you, which can be sent to your room for you to enjoy afterthings have calmed down. It could be the smallest top tier, or even a separatecake or cupcakes.

Small wedding, big cake desires? Also not a problem. You canmake use of dummy cakes. These are polystyrene fake cakes that we use in theindustry for display work. But they can add extra tiers to a cake when you havea dream of a showstopper, but don’t need that much real cake. Again, it’s notgoing to save you any money to have fake tiers, this is a myth.  A fake tier will take just as much time andskill to decorate as a real cake, and will have to be purchased. But it willgive you that WOW on your big day. The most important thing is to find a cakedesigner you like and trust. Then you can relax and leave everything to them.It’s all part of the service

How to start your wedding cake journey.

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If you’re reading this then you are planning your wedding,it’s exciting! And it’s also a little stressful. It’s okay to admit that.

So let’s ease some of that stress ?At least when it comes to the cake.

Here at Sweet Temptations we make luxury wedding cake, butwe do more than that. We are also here to take the stress out of every aspect of your wedding cake. Starting with the first contact with your cake maker.

That first contact should be as soon as possible after you’ve set the date and chosen your venue. Please, please ignore the advice out there in wedding land that says there’s no rush to book the cake!! Good cake designers get booked up!

When you contact your cake maker (and it doesn’t have to be us, we won’t be offended) there are a few things it would be a good idea to have to hand. There will be some questions we will need to ask you so that we can give you the best service. And this will go for all cake designers.

The first thing we will ask is the date and venue of the wedding. We need to know this before anything else so we can check our availability and the logistics of getting your cake safely delivered. How frustrating is it to be chatting away to a supplier only to find out that they are already booked for your date? And we hate having to say no.

The next thing we will need to know is the rough size of cake you want. Now don’t panic! You don’t need to know exactly how many tiers and the size of each tier, that’s our job ? But, if you’ve booked your venue then you’ll have an idea on the size of the wedding. And that’s all we need. Is your wedding for 50 or 500? And we will do the maths and work out the size of cake you require. Size matters (ahem) and will make a difference to the cost. A cake for 500 will cost a lot more than a cake for 50.

Now the fun bit. Well one of the fun bits! How do you want the cake to look? Again, don’t panic. We design your cake for you. All we need at this first stage is ideas. A theme or style of cake so that we have an idea of the amount of time and work involved in creating it for you. Have you been pinning like mad? Pop us the link. Just like size, style matters when putting a quote together for you. A naked cake will have a different cost to something fondant covered and dripping in sugar flowers. We can do both, you just need to let us know.

So here is your wedding cake enquiry check list;

  1. Date. The starting point. Make sure your chosen cake designer has availability for your date.
  2. Venue. The logistics have to be taken into account. Your cake designer needs to know how far they are taking the cake and how long that will take them.
  3. Size.  An idea on the number of guests your cake needs to serve will help us work out the size of cake needed, and the cost.
  4. Style. The exact design details can be worked out later. At this stage an idea on the type of cake you want is enough.

And there you go! Everything you need to know to get the all rolling.

Just remember the golden rule. Book early!

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