Please take a look through my price guide. The photos and prices here are only a guide to the level of decoration/style of cake within a price range. I don’t have any ‘collections’ or fixed designs.

Every cake is bespoke. I will design your cake with you, from scratch. Although I can, of course, recreate previous designs if you see something you fall in love with.

I take into account everything before I give you a quote. So when enquiring please tell me the number of guests it’s for and the location for delivery. The quote will be all inclusive, there will be no hidden, extra costs.

Once you decide to book with me, a 25% deposit will secure your date. You don’t have to have made final design decisions in order to book :)’


I offer face to face consultations with tasting samples of three flavours of your choice. Or a postal box of the tasters if you would prefer. I charge £25 for this. The £25 will be deducted from any order subsequently placed.


Small Is Beautiful:

From £50

Rustic Elegance:

From £250

Classic & Bespoke:

From £400

Simply Stylish:

From £350

The Showstopper:

From £650

Serves a minimum of 10

Serves a minimum of 60

gluten and dairy free wedding cake

Serves a minimum of 80-90

Serves a minimum of 80

Serves a minimum of 100

A note about how I calculate the cost of your cake:

I very carefully take into account everything I’m asked to do when quoting on a cake. This includes the size of cake, the design details, the time and work involved, the supplies needed, the delivery and setting up time, and the time spent on consultations, tasting samples, designing the cake, correspondence and phone calls. So when you get a quote it will be a complete price. There will be no extra bills later unless what is required changes.

Dummy cakes:

There is a bit of a myth that having fake or dummy tiers to replace tiers of real cake will lower the cost. Sadly it won’t. A dummy tier still has to be purchased. It is then covered and decorated in the exact same way, with the same materials and taking the same amount of time as real cakes. Dummy tiers are used when a big cake isn’t needed, but the effect of one is required. I do this often and it works really well 🙂