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Today I have handed the blog over to the lovely Roberta of Roberta Plans Your Day. She has lots of advice for newly engaged couples. Enjoy! x


Wedding planning tips – Essential advice newly-engaged couples must read


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If you’re a newly-engaged couple you’re living a special moment in your relationship.


You feel overjoyed and start dreaming about the big day and, in my experience, a bride’s first focus, right after your beau has dropped on one knee, is see yourself in a beautiful gown.


Truth is, that there are so many different aspects to the wedding planning process that, unless you’ve had the time to do it for the past few years, you’ve been already married or you work in the industry, nobody is an expert and it can be a very time-consuming experience, emotional and tiring.


You have endless choices, as many traditions are not really requirements any longer, there are even more questions to ask and decisions to make.


That’s why I’ve created a list of essential wedding advice to help discerning couples.

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First things first

I don’t like to, but I have to be the bearer of “bad news” sometimes.

If I had to give you just one piece of advice, this would be mine for newly-engaged couples.


It’s painful to talk money and it kind of takes the fun away, but in my experience this is where many couples get lost as they’re planning their wedding.

If you don’t plan your overall budget before you even start planning, you risk overspending in the end and that takes all the fun away from the process.

Budget for your wedding

Trust me.

Every small element adds up in the end and the sooner you realize it, the lesser the stress closer to the big day.


Your personalities and your taste

You decide what’s important for you and where you want to prioritise budget.

If you both love a party and that’s the part of celebration you’re mostly looking forward to, you should definetily “invest” in the entertainment.

making cocktails

You want your wedding to be fun, dance the night away with your favourite people after you tied the knot is going to create memories of a lifetime.

Hire a live band, get a on open bar and have the best party you can remember.


If you’re a passionate foodie and you live for the next tasty experience then make it all about the gourmet deliciousness of canapés, wine pairing and splash on the ultimate of wedding cake.


Think about hiring a planner no matter your guest list size

No matter your guestlist size, if you’re getting married in a private home estate or by the beach you want all your friends and family to enjoy the moment with you,

have fun and not answering requests from suppliers.


When I’m your on-the day coordinator I’m your point of contact for everyone, bridal party vendors and guests.


Have fun as well as staying organised

As a bespoke wedding designer I love creating aesthetically details, that make every single wedding stunning and elegant.


It’s the creative aspect of my job that really excites me.

I love discussing plans and designs with newly-engaged couples love story and being able to narrate their vision.

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Today’s newly-engaged couples are all about sustainability

Actively engaging in giving back to the environment is an option I always consider and discuss with my couples when I develop their wedding concept.

Another way to have some eco-friendly options is using wedding stationary suites, produced using recycled rags or paper, or even containing plantable seeds that can sow in your garden after the wedding ( the gift that keeps on giving!)

You can do so talking to your florists that sources your blooms locally or having living plants as part of your floral aisle decoration or as a backdrop. Your florist can also help you choosing products that do not contain harsh chemicals.


 Have weather plans

If your plan is to have an outdoor ceremony and celebration you should really think about what I like to call a rain plan.

Planning is key : that goes also for an extreme heatwave plan too!


There’s nothing more uncomfortable for your guests that having to travel all dressed to the nines and then melting away under the sun.


Speak to your wedding planner about options, after you have found your outdoor venue.

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Luxury Wedding Cakes – 2021 Weddings

2021 Weddings

I think everyone in the wedding industry will agree that 2020 has been written off. A few of us still have a few, small, weddings on our books, but we are all expecting them to be moving to next year in due course. This means that 2021 is already pretty much full for many venues and suppliers. So what does that mean for anyone still looking to plan a 2021 wedding?

Current situation.

It’s mid June, and usually I would be flat out with weddings, and also taking bookings for the following year. However, this year I’m flat out moving weddings from this year, and having to turn down bookings for next year due to the dates being taken. September 2021 is already almost full just with postponements, and I had to close May 2021 weeks ago.

I’m not alone. I‘m in regular contact with many other wedding industry professionals, and they are all saying the same.

It’s very frustrating at the best of times having to turn down clients, even more so as 2021 is really just 2020 over again, with just a few new couples who got booked in early on.

There is no doubt that 2020 will have a knock-on effect for the wedding industry for a long time to come. And we are all ‘pivoting’ (am I the only one who always thinks of that Friends episode with the sofa every time anyone says PIVOT?)

It’s heartening to see that couples are still planning 2021 weddings though, that gives us all hope. But, I have to say, you’d be better off waiting for 2022 unless you already have everything sorted.

Semi naked and fondant wedding cakes


The main reason is that, as I said, 2021 is going to be full of postponed 2020 weddings. It’s been heart-breaking for so many couples to watch all the months (even years) of planning be halted and thrown into confusion through no fault of their own. Thankfully I have been able to move all my couples over to their new 2021 wedding date, and I hope that continues with the few I have left.


If you want your dream wedding venue, and your pick of the best wedding suppliers, then 2022 will be your best option. Especially if you have big plans that you don’t want to compromise on.

However there are ways to have a 2021 wedding.

Firstly forget a Saturday wedding in the height of the season, April-September. Most of those have long gone for 2021, or will be going soon as more weddings are forced to move. And Fridays are not far behind.

Instead think about a weekday wedding. There are often financial benefits to this too, if that needs to be a consideration. Some venues offer better rates for weekday weddings, (although not all suppliers can). And hotel accommodation can also be cheaper for your guests that need it.

Think about an ‘out of season’ wedding. Although there isn’t really a wedding season these days like there used to be, there are the more popular months. April – September will be the busiest for weddings. So think about earlier or later. What about a Halloween, bonfire night or Christmas wedding? Christmas weddings can be magical. Or a Valentine’s Day wedding? You could even kick the new year off by getting married and having the mother of all New Years parties.

Scale it down. Another way to fit in a 2021 wedding would be to scale things down and think about a micro wedding. In fact I think micro and elopement weddings are going to be the next big trend. But, from the point of view of 2021 weddings, a micro wedding involves less work from all the suppliers. And so we are more likely to be able to fit them in around all the bigger weddings being moved.

That’s not to say you can’t then have a big party later. A small 2021 wedding and then a big vow renewal with everything you’ve dreamed of in 2022 as you 1st anniversary.

Mayfair rooms The Connaught
Parties will happen again

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not trying to kill your 2021 wedding dreams. Not at all!! But I do want to keep it real. And the reality is that it’s getting harder and harder for couples to get all their wedding ducks in a row for next year.

Top tips if you’re starting to plan your wedding.

1/ Get good insurance! Some wedding venues are now insisting couples have wedding insurance before they book. And it’s a very good idea to have it.

2/ If you have your heart set on a certain time of year, or a Saturday wedding. And you don’t want to compromise on your choice of suppliers, or any aspect of your wedding. Then consider 2022 instead of 2021.

3/ If you can’t wait and want a 2021 wedding, then be prepared to compromise. Especially on the date.

4/ Be kind. The wedding industry is in turmoil and some business won’t recover. We are all doing everything we can to give you what you dream of.

5/ Be patient. A lot of businesses have had to furlough staff. And so it may take a little longer to get back to you.

6/ Don’t stress. You will get married, and it will be wonderful!


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