Please read carefully, as by placing an order you are agreeing to the Ts&Cs.

A 25% booking fee is required to secure your booking. Your cake is NOT booked in until the booking fee is paid, and we cannot hold dates open. If another enquiry comes in for your date, we will advise you and give you 24 hours to pay the booking fee. Failure to do so will result in the date being given to the other client.

Once the booking fee is paid, the balance can be paid to suit you, including in instalments. For balances over £100 the balance needs to be paid no later than fourteen days before the delivery/collection date. Failure to pay by the due date will result in a cancelled order.  If paying by PayPal, the fees will be added to the balance. Booking fees are non refundable.

Please note: When you order a cake and give a date and time for collection or delivery, that is the date/time it will be ready. Please DO NOT change this. Trying to bring the date/time forward may result in your cake not being finished. I usually have several cakes a week. And so I plan my schedule around the information given when the order is placed. If you know you’ll need the cake the day before the event then that is the date you must order it for.

Collecting cakes: Please be sure you know where I’m based. Not all satnavs like our postcode. We can only deliver wedding and large events cakes. All other cakes must be collected from the Clovelly studio. Please let us know what time you will be collecting, so we can make sure your cake is ready. Once I hand over the cake, it becomes your responsibility to transport it safely. Also, by collecting the cake, you are agreeing that you are happy with it. So please look carefully to be sure you are happy. Failure to collect at the given time and day, without prior arrangement, will be treated as a cancelled order, and may mean there is nobody at the studio.

Delivery: On wedding and corporate events only. When delivering to a venue where you may not be there, I will hand the cake over to the person in charge. I will set up for you and leave instructions with the venue, I will also take photos. Once I leave, it then becomes the responsibility of the venue, and I can’t be held responsible for any damage they may cause. However, if you call me I’ll do all I can to fix anything they may have done. I keep photos of the set up cake if you need evidence that any damage was their fault.

I will deliver your wedding cake at the time arranged. If this has to change please tell me. Failing to inform me that you will be arriving early may mean you will get there before your cake. I can’t be held responsible for this if I am not informed of changes.

Delivery times are approximate. I always allow plenty of time, but weather and traffic etc are beyond our control. If there is a major hold up (accident, breakdown, road closures etc) we will call the venue to let them know.

Cake stands: I do not hire/loan cake stands. Sadly getting them back has proved an issue. Should you require a cake stand I recommend asking your wedding venue, as they often have stands.

Naked cakes: These are very trendy at the moment. And they are lovely. However, by the nature of them having no icing, they also have no protection. Once they are out of their box and in the open air, they will dry very quickly. Therefore please note that it’s best to make arrangements with your venue to keep the cake boxed and cool until the last moment. If this can not be arranged, then I can not be responsible for the cake drying. It will be wrapped and boxed until delivery, to ensure it stays fresh. Semi naked cakes, with the thin skim of buttercream on the outside, are a much better option.

Complaints: If for any reason you are not happy, please get in touch within 24 hours. Cake is perishable, so I can not take responsibility for its deteriaration after that time. Especially as I don’t use artificial preservatives. Because of this, I need to have the cake returned to me within the 24 hour window. This allows me to inspect it. If the cake is not returned then no refund will be offered. No refund will be offered if the person collecting/taking delivery was happy.

I will always do everything I can to rectify anything as long as it is brought instantly to my attention. Within the 24 hour window.

Allergies: If you have any special dietary requirements I will do everything I can to accommodate. However please be aware that I don’t have a separate kitchen for ‘free from’ baking. I do bake all free from items on separate days, and with as much separate equipment as possible. Nut free is not possible.

Designs: It’s perfectly okay to give me a photo to use as inspiration. But please be aware that I do not and will not copy another persons work. It will be my interpretation of the ideas you provide. Also if you have expectations of how you want your cake to look, please communicate these to me. I would hate for you to be disappointed.

Sadly, due to being taken advantage of and having designs stolen. I can no longer provide a design sketch until a booking fee is paid.

Sample cakes by post: I offer samples for tasting by post if we are unable to meet in person. A box of three tasters for £30 next day delivery. However please note that they are coming by post and I can’t promise how carefully they will have been handled. Therefore they are for tasting only, not a visual representation. The £30 will be deducted from the cost of the cake, should you place an order. Sample boxes are sent out in batches. When you request one I’ll let you know when the next batch is being sent out.

Consultations: For £50 I offer in person consultations. This includes my time for as long as needed (usually around an hour). As well as the tasting box of three flavours. The £50 will be deducted from the cost of the cake should you go ahead with a booking. However failure to show for a consultation, without prior arrangement, will result in instant cancellation, and no refund. The £50 fee must be paid in advance on the consultation. If the booking fee has already been paid, then there is no extra charge.

Fresh flowers on cakes: I know this looks beautiful, but there are issues. I advise telling your florist that the flowers are for a cake, make sure they provide you with safe, non toxic varieties. I do everything I can to prevent contamination, but it’s not 100% possible, as some part of the flower will always be touching the surface of the cake. If you would like fresh flowers on your cake, I can do that. However I can not take responsibility for any allergic reactions to those flowers.

Cancellation policy:

Should you need to cancel your cake order please give us as much notice as possibly. I will always contact you a week before your orders due date to confirm details. Failure to reply will be taken as a cancellation.

Your booking fee can not be refunded.

If you cancel within three days of the agreed delivery/collection date then 75% of the balance will need to be paid, as work will already have started on your cake.

Failure to collect a cake will result in the full balance being invoiced to you. Payment will be due within seven days. Failure to pay will result in legal action.

Cancelling within four weeks of the cakes agreed delivery date. Work on sugar flowers, cake toppers etc will already have started, and materials already purchased. Therefore 50% of the due balance will still need to be paid within seven days.

Postponing a wedding and changing the date will count as a cancellation. And will require 50% of the due balance to be paid within seven days.

Failure to pay the due balance of a cancelled cake will result in legal action and debt recovery. Cakes will not be delivered until the balance is paid.


At Sweet Temptations we are very aware of your privacy. Any details you provide us will NOT be shared with any third party. They will be used purely for your orders. Once your order has been completed and delivered/collected, your emails/texts/messages will be deleted within 28 days. All our devices are passcode/biometric protected.

The paper order forms we fill out are for our own reference and won’t be shown to anyone else, unless relevant to your order (your florist for example or to be signed off by the venue) Once completed, these paper forms are locked away in our filing system that only we have access to.

We will never use your details for marketing. We will only contact you with direct reference to your enquiry/order.

If you have subscribed to our mailing list, you will only receive relevant information. Your details will never be sold or passed on to any third parties.